The Death of A Toad

In The Death of A Toad by Richard Wilbur, Wilbur uses syntax, diction, and vivid imagery in order to tell the tragic tale of a toad getting shredded to pieces by a lawn mower. Wilbur’s use of intense imagery and very descriptive adjectives creates a visual affect for the reader. Phrases such as “Chewed and clipped of a leg” and “misted and ebullient seas And cooling shores” create a visual display for the reader to better understand the poem.

His use of syntax and diction reflect Wilbur’s melancholy feeling after the toad’s death. The syntax and diction create a solemn tone to the poem, such as in “He lies As still as if he would return to stone, And soundlessly attending, dies Toward some deep monotone.” Wilbur describes the toad as if it were a great and admirable hero as it hops towards a better place.

Remembering Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was a wonderful singer, but had fell off due to drug abuse. She influenced my life by being a model for me and allowing me to see that no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. However, she also showed me that if you fall down it is still possible to get back up and keep fighting such as when she went to rehab. Her musical abilities made her a true legend and icon also.

“Impossible” by Whitney Houston and Brandy was perhaps one of my favorite performances by Houston. I was able to connect personally to this song because I have gone through periods in my life in which I had no hope nor did I believe in myself and hearing this song and seeing a “black Cinderella” marry the prince of her dreams provided me with the motivation and self assurance I needed in order to move on from my dilemma.

“The Middle Child”

In this poem, even as a child the author has a hatred for her older brother. A hatred so strong it drove her to the brink of murder. It is ironic because we see children as being innocent beings with pure hearts, but even in innocence there is corruption even though we may not acknowledge it.

I also noticed in the poem how the mother begins a statement in which she stereotypes “girls”. She basically says that girls aren’t violent, but I strongly believe that because women are so emotional and vulnerable that they are more likely to become corrupted by anger, hatred, and/or violence. However, society portrays us as being passive or submissive.

Things I Could Never Tell My Daughter

After reading very first stanza of the poem I had already made an opinion about how I felt about the poem, but after reading the poem in its entirety, my opinion had changed. I see the poem as a mother’s plea for her daughter’s affection. Fraser doesn’t want her daughter to hate her. I was able to connect to this poem because there are certain things that my mother does that I don’t completely approve of or that I’m not happy with, and there are times when she can tell that I don’t want to deal with her at times and I don’t want her to think that I hate her, that’s completely not the case. I love my mother more than anything in this world and I know that all the things she does, she does them out of love.

The Unknown Soldier

While reading “Unknown Soldier” I’ll admit, I was slightly confused. After re-reading the last two paragraphs I was able to understand. Luc Sante was describing the last moments of life of many different people, such as what they saw last and the last thing they remember doing. I was able to relate to the story because I have experienced death in my family; someone who will truly never be forgotten, also I had a near death experience myself. I vaguely remember seeing the ceiling of the den in my home, and before that i was running down some stairs. My question is, “In what ways can life define death?”

In the short story, I was able to recognize the use of loose sentences and many simple sentences. The text was very laconic and to the point. It was almost as if I were reading a to-do list. Also, Sante used a lot of parallelism, especially in the first paragraph. Overall I enjoyed the story, even though it seemed very dark.