The Unknown Soldier

While reading “Unknown Soldier” I’ll admit, I was slightly confused. After re-reading the last two paragraphs I was able to understand. Luc Sante was describing the last moments of life of many different people, such as what they saw last and the last thing they remember doing. I was able to relate to the story because I have experienced death in my family; someone who will truly never be forgotten, also I had a near death experience myself. I vaguely remember seeing the ceiling of the den in my home, and before that i was running down some stairs. My question is, “In what ways can life define death?”

In the short story, I was able to recognize the use of loose sentences and many simple sentences. The text was very laconic and to the point. It was almost as if I were reading a to-do list. Also, Sante used a lot of parallelism, especially in the first paragraph. Overall I enjoyed the story, even though it seemed very dark.

3 thoughts on “The Unknown Soldier

  1. I also recognized the plethora of simple sentences, but I noticed that each sentence was packed with sensory details. I enjoyed the suspense in this story, and each tale kept me intrigued and hungry for more! Also, I recognized the parallelism and how it brought emphasis to whatever it was that the speaker so plainly tried to convey.

  2. That’s deep Trenisha! I like how you made a connection to the story. Also, the question you asked really makes one think. At first, I was also confused about the story, but after reading it over, it made more sense. I hope it did the same for you! Anyways, I like how you wrote your blog on the story, it was nice :D!

  3. The poem was a very straight forward text. The parallelism used gave emphasis on the the person talking and all the scenarios over all. Im sorry to hear you had a death in your family, when the people here described how they died it impacted me on an emotional level. Especially the part that read “They never found me”

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