Things I Could Never Tell My Daughter

After reading very first stanza of the poem I had already made an opinion about how I felt about the poem, but after reading the poem in its entirety, my opinion had changed. I see the poem as a mother’s plea for her daughter’s affection. Fraser doesn’t want her daughter to hate her. I was able to connect to this poem because there are certain things that my mother does that I don’t completely approve of or that I’m not happy with, and there are times when she can tell that I don’t want to deal with her at times and I don’t want her to think that I hate her, that’s completely not the case. I love my mother more than anything in this world and I know that all the things she does, she does them out of love.

3 thoughts on “Things I Could Never Tell My Daughter

  1. I agree with this perspective. There were plenty of times when my mother voiced her concern for my disapproval towards some of her actions. It tends to bring space between the mother and daughter, and I believe she feared that gap. I also sometimes envision having a daughter, and fear the resentment she may build up against me. This poem embodies that perfectly.

  2. Even though my perspective was a little different i also agree with yours. I believe we all have that fear for rejection and disapproval towards our parents and the children in which we give birth too.

  3. Trenisha, I can also relate to your feelings towards your mother. There are times when my mom makes me really mad and I tell her things such as how I like my dad more. I never actually meant it when I said it but I think that she takes it to heart. I think that we need to be more affectionate towards our mothers in order for them to feel more appreciated.

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